And in the country are different, regardless of where you come to China , people on the street will be a lot, but here , the streets deserted .

eally hard to imagine , I actually in Germany, and if the trial through , I even can participate in the second division next season . Du Yang shook his head , the reality is such that there is a little bit weird and then a little bit of a surprise , of course , more because of their own choice. There are many crossroads in life , Du Yang just chosen a new intersection walked over, but the future is bright or dark road to hell, to rely on his own efforts .

After getting ace playmaker system, Du Yang had vaguely felt his life would not be so trivial , and now he even confirmed it .

Yes, foreign Brother, to be honest, I really hope you can play on the ball here and I think you know, it just broke into the national team in the World Cup , but the Chinese football environment is still bad , one day gambling and [ *** ] will ruin the Chinese football , while in Germany, you can be assured of play , German has always been strict, their media like objective reporting , foreign brother, I believe you belong here , and I hope you kicked a career to be here . ” Mao Xin Du Yang patted on the shoulder, profound and looked slightly after a Du Yang said.

owever, Mao Xin , do you really think I through workouts do Du Yang heart is still some apprehension, he did not know whether he can get used to the rhythm, speed.

You know, no matter how how in high school he was brilliant , but this is professional football , is to foster a German second division countless young talents .

oreign brother , how ? Afraid ? Hey , this is not you , the impression you mention football is just a pair of overweening expression . Worry Yang brother , your strength is not better than the National Youth Team gang dross bad, or even slightly stronger and you never received vocational training, although some of your aspects, such as physical, physical confrontation is certainly not as good as the second division player, but your skills and talent is definitely above them . ” paused , Mao Xin added: ” Hilde coaching is a very nice old man, Allen football club in his last season under the leadership got the sixth place , his vision is very good, dig out last season more than talent. Moreover Allen turn out this year in the summer, a lot of strong players , now is the need to add new blood , I think you should be able to integrate into the team . ”

After listening to Mao Xin said, Du Yang self-deprecating smile , yes, and when fear over his past ?

And now his body has genus name of , and had ace playmaker system actually has so afraid of their own , it seems he recently really is a bit indecisive .

At noon, Du Yang continued to experience a meal German meal, but eating or feeling suited him down , and his jet lag is not completely upside down , and now he feels he is not in the best condition .

But afternoon will workouts , Du Yang had a cold face wash after Mao Xin went to Alan and the training ground of the football club .

Volkswagen cars sit Mao Xin , Du Yang still in the car hit a doze .

About 15 minutes later, Du Yang and Zhang Mao Xin came to Allen football club.

This is indeed a small club , the main stadium is Welser stadium can accommodate about 8,000 stadium. There are two training with the team stadium , a young team , one adult team .

Training ground tightly next club office , and the office is only a cottage. Allen placed inside football club trophies and a list of some of some of the team history.

Porter is one that has nearly seventy years old , Germany , when he saw the car was Mao Xin , he opened the door and friendly .

Mao Xin first morning to find that he contact the guy , and then go to the training field with Du Yang find Hilde coach.

hew finally begun Followed Mao Xin into the office , they left a stadium for training , Du Yang felt covered in blood churning